The Late Apex PT

The Late Apex PT provides functional strength and fitness coaching and plant-based nutrition guidance for people who want to turn a corner in their readiness and wellbeing.


Areas of specialism include HYROX, injury rehab and illness recovery, programmes for the over 40s, and the functional training needs of first responders, motorsport, and adventure travel.


Discounts available for Blue Light Card holders.

The Late Apex PT

Iain Harper is a qualified Personal Trainer, Vegan Nutritionist, and Mental Health First Aider.


He is based in Devon at PureGym Exeter Bishops Court and advocates a whole food plant-based approach to nutrition for optimum health and wellbeing.



1-2-1 Personal Training
PureGym Exeter Bishops Court
Other Locations By Arrangement
Discounts For Couples / Pairs


Workout Programming
Gym / Home
At The Circuit
Outdoors / On The Road

Online Coaching
Bespoke & Packaged Programmes
Mobile App with Video Instruction
Fitbit / Apple Watch Integration


Nutrition Analysis & Planning
Whole Food Plant-Based
Vegan Transition
Vegetarian / Omnivore

Over 40s

Be healthier, leaner, fitter and stronger than you've ever been and enjoy the freedom of rejuvenated wellbeing.


First Responders

From recruitment fitness tests to real-world emergencies, train for the challenges of public service.


Adventure Travel

Prepare for the physical demands of an expedition and protect your health during and after the journey.



On-track contender or pit crew hero, optimise the human performance variables in your racing formula.


Functional Strength

Have the strength you need, when you need it. From core stability to explosive speed, building and maintaining robust muscular strength helps you do what you love and be prepared for the unexpected.

Functional Fitness

Make your fitness match your ambitions. Improve the health and efficiency of your heart and lungs, develop stamina, fix poor posture, and reduce injury risk with the benefits of better flexibility and mobility.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Switch up to whole food plant power for improved physical and mental health, muscular development and sustainable weight loss, better performance, and reduced risk of preventable disease.