RetroFit is functional strength and fitness training exclusively for women and men born between 1965 and 1980 who want to get fit for real life, rejuvenate their health and wellbeing, and look great too.


If that sounds like you, read on…

The Late Apex PT

My name is Iain Harper
(The Late Apex PT)


I’m a personal trainer, online coach, vegan nutritionist, and mental health first aider who specialises in functional strength and fitness powered by whole food plant-based nutrition.


I’ve helped many people in their 40s and 50s return to (and surpass) the kind of shape and levels of strength and fitness they remember enjoying back in the day.


I’m in my early 50s myself and completely empathise with how easy it can be to let other things in life take priority. I also know from personal experience how rewarding it is to regain the freedom of rejuvenated health and wellbeing.

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RetroFit Select

Programme Only
£40 per month


– Workouts designed to develop mobility, flexibility, strength, fitness, and support your health and aesthetic goals
– View workouts and track your progress with my mobile app
– Video demonstrations provided for all exercises
– New workout added every month
– No contract. Cancel anytime.

RetroFit Active

Personalised Coaching
£90 per month


– Initial consultation call to understand your background, current situation, and what you want to achieve
– Monthly calls to review your progress and goals
– Analysis of your current nutrition
– Personalised whole food plant-based nutrition plan
– Personalised training programme, including workouts designed to develop mobility, flexibility, strength, fitness, and support your health and aesthetic goals
– Follow your plan and track your progress with my mobile app, featuring video demonstrations of all exercises and instant message support
– Analysis of your exercise videos to check and improve technique
– No contract. Cancel anytime.

Client Testimonial:   “RetroFit was a brilliant way to get back to strength and fitness. It worked around my injuries, which improved so quickly with the programme. Iain is patient, and great at motivating in the way I needed and keeping me going when it got tough.”

The Late Apex PT