What happens to your body when you stop consuming dairy products?


If you’d like to find out for yourself with a simple experiment, read on to learn how you can take part in Dairy-Free Fortnight.



The day before you begin the two-week experiment, take a selfie indoors at home. You don’t need to share it with anyone – it’s just for you. Don’t wear any make-up, fake tan, or glasses for the photo.




Don’t consume any dairy products for two whole weeks.


Some dairy products are obvious and easy to avoid, like milk, cheese, butter, cream, and yoghurt.


However, you also need to avoid foods and drinks that contain hidden dairy. Check labels for milk, milk powder, whey, casein, and butter.


There are exceptions, but most cakes, pastries, confectionary, ice cream, and even crisps are made with butter and/or milk unless they’re labelled ‘Vegan’.


If you need some kind of milk in tea/coffee and on your breakfast cereal, try oat milk, soy milk, almond or hazelnut milk.




The day after you finish the two-week experiment, take another selfie indoors at home (in the same place and at a similar time as the first one). Again, you don’t need to share it with anyone and it’s important that you don’t wear any make-up, fake tan, or glasses.


Compare your two photographs and write down what differences you can see. Also write down any other changes you’ve noticed in your physical or mental health during or since the experiment, and what (if anything) you found challenging or you might do differently.




If you’d be happy to share your notes with me, and for me to share them anonymously with others, please complete the brief form below:

    Will you go back to dairy?


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