Road To Summer


So you’ve joined a gym and made a start. Now what?

The road to summer begins here.

Get leaner, fitter and stronger in readiness for your summer holiday with this affordable six-month training programme, and make working out a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle change.

For the equivalent of less than £10 per month, the Road To Summer includes:

– Six-month training programme
    – Three, one-hour workouts each week
    – Two extra, optional workouts each week
    – Warm up and cool down routines
– TrueCoach app
    – Exercise video demonstrations
    – Track your progress
– Bonus optional monthly challenges
    – Stay motivated
    – Test your strength and fitness
– Flexibility and mobility development
    – Improve your posture
    – Reduce injury risk
– Whole food plant-based meal ideas

Sign up today for only £59 and make 2023 the year you really turn a corner in your readiness and wellbeing.

(Discount-eligible for Blue Light Card holders)